5 Ways to Ease Anxiety When Traveling

Vacations are supposed to be a relaxing time when you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and forget about the worries and distractions of work, school or personal life.  However, it’s not that easy for some.

Travel Anxiety is quite common.  According to Calm Clinic, it doesn’t really have one specific cause.  One can develop anxiety due to a variety of experiences or from nothing at all.  A few examples of causes cited on the article are fear of flying, fear of being away from home or triggered by the stress of planning, jet lag, lack of comfort or just simply dealing with the trip itself.

Whatever reason you may have, you must not let your travel anxiety stop you from exploring and wandering the world.  All you need to do is learn how to manage it when it comes.  Here are a few helpful ways to ease your anxiety when traveling.

1. Plan ahead.

Reduce the possibilities of getting unwanted surprises, surprises or stress that could potentially throw you off by planning for your trip meticulously.  Research a lot about where you’re going, learn a few words or phrases if you’re traveling internationally, make an itinerary and pack early to avoid the chances of forgetting things that can trigger your anxiety.

2. Choose the right destination.

Identify the possible factors that can potentially trigger your anxiety.  Write them down and consider these factors when picking your destination.

3. Take photos of a few things around your household.

You know that mini heart attack you get when you remember that you forgot to turn off your stove or lock the garage door, then suddenly remember that you actually did?  Well, for someone who has anxiety, this happens all the time and a lot more frequent  too.  Even worse for those who are on a vacation.

So here’s a helpful tip from Lifehacker that can help fix this dilemma.

Before you leave the house, snap a photo of your stove, oven dials, iron, thermostat, locks or basically anything that you usually worry about accidentally leaving on.  This way, when your brain decides to play that trick on you again, you now have a photographic proof.

4. Have an anti-anxiety playlist handy.

Whether it’s an audio book, a podcast or a music, these things will definitely help distract your mind when anxiety kicks in, and will eventually make it subside.

5. Sneak in some exercise.

Exercise has been recommended by experts as a way to combat stress and relieve anxiety and depression.  During physical activity, there is an increase production of serotonin that can improve your mood and boost mental well-being – so make sure to sneak in a quick workout or some yoga session even when you’re on a vacation.

That’s it for my helpful tips on how you can combat anxiety every time you travel.  Hope this article helps!

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