5 Online Tools to Help You Plan Your Next Trip

Travel agencies, packaged tours and cruises are convenient but if you have all the time and resources, why not plan for your own trip instead?  It’s a lot more satisfying when you planned a trip on your own and of course, let’s not forget having the flexibility to tailor your own itinerary – hour by hour and according to what you really want to see and experience.

Thanks how advanced technology is nowadays; planning your own trip isn’t that difficult.  No clue where to begin?  Here are 5 online tools to get you started.

1. Kayak

Start your travel planning on this site.  According to PC Mag, it’s the best travel search site with excellent filtering options.  Here, you can see a comparison of prices from a wide array of sources for the best deals on flights, hotels, rentals, cruises and packages.  No destination yet?  Check out the Explore tool on the site where you can see where you can go based on your budget.

2. Airbnb

Don’t just settle for a hotel room.  Make your trip more comfortable by renting a home through Airbnb, where you can cook, do the laundry, etc.  Like your home away from home.  But Airbnb isn’t just a short-term home rental company anymore, it is now redesigned to offer new travel services such as restaurant reservations and city tours.

3. TripAdvisor

This site is your go-to place to find reviews of hotels, restaurants and attractions, basically all travel-related content.  It’s the best online tool to look for things to do and experience in your chosen destination.

4. Sygic Travel

This app will help you discover things to do and places to go on your next trip.  All you need to do is choose the city and a large map will pop out – showing you all the recommended attractions to help you plan out your itinerary and create a day filled with fun things to do. Each attraction has a short description, website, phone number and Facebook page.  What makes this even more convenient is that you can still access this trip planner even without an internet connection.

5. Travel Butler 

Now that all the pre-planning is settled, it’s time to tackle the part that most of us dread – packing for the trip.  What to wear? What to bring?  What’s the weather like?  Don’t worry, Travel Butler will help you put together a packing list based on your destination – clothing recommendations depending on the weather, documents, electronics, essentials, etc.


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