Winter-Proof your Skin with a Few Diet Tweaks

The cold weather and lack of sunlight can play havoc with your skin, taking that radiant glow away from you.  Change of season means change in beauty routine but instead of investing in expensive skincare products to prevent drying and flaking, check your diet first and make some adjustments.

To protect your skin from dryness caused by winter winds and central heating, eat more oily fish such as salmon, tuna and mackerel.  These types of fish are full of essential fatty acids that help reduce water loss in your skin -thus keeping the plumpness and moisture.

If you take a look at your skincare products, Vitamin E is always on the ingredients list because it helps repair damaged skin.  The best way way to get your dose is to eat more of it.  Vitamin E Rich foods include almonds, sweet potato, avocado.  Foods rich in carotenoids should also be on your list as it converts to Vitamin E.  Yellow and orange fruits and vegetables like carrots, peppers, mango and squash are all good sources of carotenoids.

Selenium is an antioxidant that can improve the skin’s elasticity and reduce sun damage.  So if you don’t want brittle skin, eat selenium-rich foods like turkey, lean beef, chicken, eggs and Brazil nuts.

Last but not the least, having chapped skin and lips is a major problem everyone faces during winter time.  Up your Vitamin B’s to regulate skin cell turnover – this will help your skin recover from dry and flaky patches.  Some of the richest sources of Vitamin B are beef, salmon, spinach, oats, turkey, eggs, bananas and almonds.

Simple diet adjustments can surely do wonders to your skin, especially during winter time – keeping a healthy, supple and glowing complexion without spending a fortune on costly skin care and beauty products.

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