Which State Should You Retire to in 2017?

Planning on where to spend your golden years is a crucial decision that doesn’t happen overnight.  There’s a lot to consider when choosing a retirement destination – the cost of living, healthcare, leisure, etc.  Some may prefer to stay home but for the past years, a growing number of retirees have already been seeking far-flung destinations.

But for those of you who don’t want to move abroad, here are the top 3 American cities included on Income Investors’ Best Places to Retire in 2017 list.  Whether or not you are retiring next year, this list can surely help you find the perfect retirement location for the future.

Tampa, Florida

First on the list is Tampa, located on the west coast of Florida. The cost of living is relatively lower than other major cities and Florida does not have income taxes at the state level.  When it comes to healthcare, you can find a number of strong and independent medical facilities for all your health care needs.  Living in Tampa means that you get to enjoy the perks of a large metropolitan area while still having a laid-back beach lifestyle.  However, Tampa is dubbed as the “lightning capital” of the nation with a number of thunderstorm occurrences during the summer time.

Scottsdale, Arizona

If you want to experience living in a desert city, then you should consider Scottsdale in Phoenix, Arizona.  It’s known for spa resorts and golf courses which is perfect if you are imagining a relaxing retirement years.  Aside from an affordable housing cost, the state of Arizona doesn’t tax on Social Security Income and that’s a huge deal if you are living off your savings.  This city has a high concentration of older residents, low crime rate and superb healthcare facilities.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

You don’t need to move abroad if you want a coastal or beachy retirement destination.  This coastal city offers a 60-mile string of beaches, celebrity-designed golf courses and of course, a warm subtropical climate – just the perfect tropical touch to your golden years.  Just like Arizona, South Carolina also doesn’t tax on Social Security benefits and the property taxes are very low.  As for healthcare, the city boasts award-winning medical centers and in-home health services that offer top-notch healthcare in the area.

If these cities don’t appeal to you, then why not consider living abroad?  

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