5 Secrets to a Happy Retirement

Retirement can be a happy or an unhappy stage of your life.  It’s that time where some either dread or look forward to.  If you are one who is reluctant or anxious about your golden years, don’t be.  It’s just a matter of finding ways to make it the best years of your life.

Here are 5 secrets to a happy retirement.

1. Live your passion and dreams.

Passion feeds your soul.  Now that you have all the time in the world, figure out and cultivate that passion of yours and make your dreams happen.  Is it traveling? Volunteering?  Dancing?  Don’t let others bring you down and tell you that you are not young enough to live your passion and dreams.  By doing this, you will have an enriching and rewarding life throughout your retirement years.

2. Stay healthy.

Of course, in order to live your passion and dreams, you need to stay healthy.  Having a poor health can cause depression and stress and we don’t want that to happen, right?  So watch what you eat, stay active and always have your health in check.

3. Have enough money.

You don’t need to be rich and overflowing with money.  All you need is enough to support your needs and do the things you want in life.

4. Stay connected.

Don’t isolate yourself just because you are already retired.  People with strong social networks are happier with their lives than those with none.  Stay connected with your family and friends.  Social Networking sites aren’t just for the youngsters anymore.  It’s a great way to connect with them online.  Also, join clubs, meet neighbors because these can keep you socially active and of course, happy.

5. Keep your brain active.

It is important to stay mentally healthy in order to prevent degenerative disorders in the brain.  There are a lot of brain-stimulating hobbies that you can enjoy from your computer, tablet or mobile.  Other activities also include card games and mahjong.  Gather your friends and have a game or two during the weekends.  Not only will you be able to stay mentally active, you get to have fun and stay happy too.

About Toni Marie

Toni is a contributing author. In addition to writing about the Baby Boomer generation, she also likes to write about relationships and health.
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