Best Brain Fitness Apps for You

When it comes to staying fit, exercising both your body and mind is essential.  As you age, you notice that your memory and concentration aren’t as sharp as they used to be.  You find it harder to concentrate and start to forget things easily – which are all normal signs of aging, but should not be ignored.  That’s where brain fitness activities come in.  One of these mental fitness activities is brain training which is a way to exercise the brain to improve memory, attention, focus and brain speed.

To help you with that, I’ve rounded up 3 brain fitness apps that can do wonders for your mental and overall health.

Elevate (FREE on Android, iOS)

This brain training app aims to help you improve your memory, concentration, reading comprehension, concise writing, math and precision.  It features more than 30 mini games for critical cognitive skills.  You can even personalize your daily workouts if you want to focus on a specific skill and track your performance.

BrainHQ (FREE on iOS)

Created by top scientists from all over the world, this program is built based on the principles of “brain plasticity”.  There are 29 effective brain training exercises that will enhance your attention, memory, brain speed, people skills, navigation and intelligence.  Certain documented results include improved memory by 10 years of function, increased processing speed by over 130%, reduced risk of driving accidents by 50% and more.

Happify (FREE on Android, iOS)

Emotional intelligence is also important in maintaining a positive outlook and a healthy life.  This training program isn’t just about brain training exercises but also features proven techniques that were developed by experts who have been studying about the fields of positive psychology, mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy.  With the Happify app, you have access to a number of science-based activities & games to help you elevate happiness and reduce stress & anxiety.

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