The Battle of the Latest Kindles in Town

81d451ygW8L._SL1000_The Kindle devices are Amazon’s series of e-readers that integrate with the Kindle Store where users can browse, buy, download and read e-books, newspapers, magazines and other digital media via the internet.  These devices that are designed and marketed by the retail giant is Android-based and has the best screen display among the rest of the e-readers available in the market.

But with all the Kindle readers out there, I know that you might find it hard to choose one that suits for you.  Whether your concern is the price, the color options, or the size, this guide will help you choose the Kindle that fits your interests and preferences.

Kindle Oasis

The newest Kindle model is hands down the best Kindle so far.  The problem is, it costs roughly $300.  For $289.99, you get the thinnest and lightest Kindle with its all-new ergonomic design.  Unlike previous models, the newest e-reader has a tapered handgrip to rest in your hand to give the feeling of actually holding a real book – perfect for one-handed reading too.  It is also equipped with page turn button to give you ease in turning the page while getting lost in your story.

Kindle Voyage

Just $100 dollar cheaper than the Oasis and $100 more than the previous model, the Kindle Voyage is a good choice if you are looking for an updated e-reader but doesn’t want to shell out $300 for the latest one.  For $199.99, you get a glare-free, 6-inch touch screen with adaptive light sensor that adjusts the display’s brightness depending on the lighting condition.  If Oasis has a page turn button, the Voyage has the page press sensor where it reacts to a subtle increase of pressure from your thumb which will trigger a page-turn.

Kindle Paperwhite

This mid-range e-book reader is now upgraded to a sharper screen with twice as many pixels as the previous generation and an improved high-resolution 300 ppi display for crisp, laser quality text.  It’s also glare free with the same screen size with the two previous models mentioned, but thicker.  I think if you are in the market for a mid-range Kindle then the Paperwhite is the perfect choice.

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