Smart Home Gadgets for the Techy Household

Looking for innovative ways to make housekeeping easier? Or maybe you are just feeling fancy and want to add a cool factor to your home? Technology has indeed advanced in such an unimaginable way.  I can’t imagine what life would be like 10 years from now.

Here are 5 gadgets to make your home way, way smarter:

Amazon Echo

This hands-free speaker is not like any other speaker available in the market.  It has a built in virtual assistant called, Alexa.  With this feature, you can ask Alexa to do a number of tasks for you – from getting you an Uber, playing your favorite music, giving you weather updates, to ordering you pizza from Domino’s and even encouraging you to start working out!  The Echo is also compatible with different smart home connected devices such as WeMo, Philips Hue, SmartThings, Insteon, Nest, ecobee and Wink. It’s currently Amazons #1 Best Seller and a highly-recommended gadget for every household.

Belkin WeMo Smart Slow Cooker

Slow Cookers are very helpful, especially for busy professionals who want a home-cooked meal ready for when they get in from work. But unlike ordinary slow cookers sold in the market, this one here is different.  This Smart Crock-Pot is actually Wi-Fi enabled which means that you can adjust your cooking functions anywhere and anytime via the free We-Mo app that you can download on your smart phone.  Now, you can schedule, monitor or modify your slow-cooked meals and even notify all the members of the household when the meal is ready even when you’re not at home!

Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder

Now, let’s not forget our furry friends – they need their meals on time too!  This Wi-Fi enabled smart feeder is the only pet feeder that can store and dispense wet/dry food, treats and medications.  You can easily set a one time or regular schedule for unlimited feed and go’s.  You can also receive notifications via sms/email when your pet is about to be fed and/or when he/she is done.  This smart feeder is also equipped with a Webcam that allows you to check on your pet when you’re not at home and even call them over when they are not in front of the cam. Isn’t that cool and smart?

H2oVibe Rain Showerhead Jet with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This shower head definitely makes your normal shower routine a whole new experience.  Aside from its luxurious spa-like spray power, you can also enjoy listening (and singing… and dancing) to your favorite music and even answer calls while taking a shower.  No need to run out of the bathroom wet (and naked) just to answer a very important call.  It’s already Bluetooth enabled and can connect wirelessly up to 33 feet away.

iRobot Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Another Best Seller on Amazon, this vacuum cleaning robot features a cleaning system that easily picks up dust, pet hair and large debris from carpets, rugs or any flooring system and even on hard-to-reach places like under the beds or sofas. It seamlessly navigates room to room to clean an entire level of your home.  It is also Wi-Fi enabled so you can easily and conveniently clean or schedule cleaning anytime and anywhere via the iRobot HOME app.

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