Innovative Gadgets to Help You Live and Age Independently

With technology, there are no limits or boundaries.  No matter where you are in the world or how old you are, you can really see how important technology is.  Let’s admit it, younger people are typically the “pros” when it comes to gadgets and internet but there has been a continuous and significant increase in the number of older adults who are very interested and involved in technology.

Nowadays, technology is not anymore just a means for you to keep in touch with your grandchildren but a tool to enhance your health, ensure safety and independence.

So here are some of the latest gizmos that you should consider purchasing to make independent living easier as you age.

Digital Pill Dispensers

There are a lot of digital pill dispensers out in the market such as the ones from MedMinder and MedCenter that will help you take your meds on schedule.  These devices are equipped with an alarm system to alert you when your medication is due.  You can even set up a pre-recorded message from a family member or caregiver’s voice to remind you in case you still forgot.  If still not taken after the alarm and the voice reminder went off, the MedMinder has a system where your child/caregiver will be notified.

Monitoring Sensors

There are sensors like Evermind and Lively that you can attach to your devices that you use daily like your coffee maker, bathroom door, or a chair that you sit on everyday that connects to a system that notifies your loved ones that you are okay.  In cases that you missed on using the device that the sensor is attached to, your loved ones will receive a notification.  This is a great way for them to monitor you without being intrusive which is very important for an aging adult who live independently.

Health Trackers

When you are out and about, it is still very important that your health and safety are closely monitored.  Thanks to wearable health trackers like Amulyte and CarePredict, your medication can be managed, falls are detected and location can even be tracked for those with Alzheimer’s disease.

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