An Advice for First Time Grannies

Entering grand-parenthood is a major transition in your life that is filled with pure bliss but at the same time, numerous challenges.  A grandchild’s arrival is a great way to strengthen your relationship with your own son/daughter and the time when your support is really needed.  But when do you know if you’re already overdoing it?

Here are 4 tips on how you can become a pro in grand-parenthood:

Know your boundaries.

First of all, know that you are a grandparent and not THE parent.  There is a huge difference.  No matter how pro you are in parenthood, your son/daughter is now the one in charge.  So when it comes to giving your opinions, make sure that you know the limits and respect the boundaries.  I know how hard is it is to stop yourself from intervening when you see something you disagree with but let your child make mistakes.  It’s how you learned about parenthood too, right?  Keep those snarky comments to yourself, coz it might just light up a conflict between you and your child.

Offer help.

Sometimes, adult children hesitate to ask help from parents because maybe, they want to prove themselves, or something.  Sometimes they feel the need to prove that they can handle parenthood smoothly.  So don’t wait for them to call you and ask for help.  Offer to watch your grandchild, or help out in the cooking or other chores to lighten up your child’s workload.  This is also the perfect chance to show your son/daughter that they can always count on you.

Don’t compare.

It’s 2016!  A lot has changed.  Don’t try to argue and push traditional ways if you see your daughter/son doing it differently.  Save the “Back in my time…” comment if you don’t want to start an argument with your child.  But of course, your advice when it comes to child-rearing is very important, just make sure you say it with respect and in a gentle way.

Respect their rules.

I know how irresistible grandchildren can be and it’s so hard not to spoil them.  But respect the rules that your son/daughter has instilled to their children.  If mom says no sweets or when dad says no tv, respect it and don’t give in to your grandchild’s sneaky requests when you are babysitting them.

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