10 Fun Activities to Do with Your Grandchildren

In order to maintain a close relationship with your grandchildren, it is very important to stay actively involved in their lives.  You should make an extra effort to do fun activities and bond with them.  But due to generation gap, it’s kind of hard to find activities that both grandparents and grandchildren will enjoy.

So to help you out, here are 10 fun ideas for your next family bonding:

1. Cook or Bake Together

I’m sure your grandchild loves your home cooked meals and treats.  Why not get them involved in the kitchen to make it even more meaningful?

2. Nature Walk

Take your grand kids to a nearby park and enjoy being one with nature.  Not only is it a great way to bond with them but can also be an opportunity to squeeze in a quick exercise.

3. Watch a Game

Bring your grand kids to watch a game at the local neighborhood or park.  You can watch baseball, basketball or just any game that both of you can enjoy.

4. Teach them About Gardening

Another nature activity is to introduce them to gardening.  Let your grandchildren pick a flower, a fruit or vegetables and teach how to plant their own.  You also get the chance to teach them about patience while helping them grow and nurture their plans.

5. Let them Teach You About Technology

Let’s switch the roles and let your grand kids teach you something new.  I’m sure you own a gadget or two.  Have your grandchildren teach you about the new games that you can play, Social Media to interact with other family members, or explore more apps that are helpful for you too.

6. Look Through Old Photos

Take out their parents’ old photos and travel back to the time where their parents’ childhood years.  I’m sure that they will enjoy hearing stories about how their mom/dad was while growing up.

7. Make a Scrapbook

How about using old photos and make a scrapbook?  It’s a fun way to reminisce the old memories while doing crafts.

8. Make Arts & Crafts Together

I don’t know why but I feel like all grandparents are naturally crafty.  DIY crafts are popular among kids these days.  There are a lot of DIY’s that you can see online and do together.  One app or website that I recommend for arts and crafts ideas is Pinterest.

9. Plan a Date with Your Grandchild

How about plan a day for just you and your grand kid/s?  Start with a lunch out then a movie after.  Then if you are willing to spoil them for just a day, you can take them to go shopping.

10. Teach Them a Hobby

Whether you’re a grandpa who loves fishing or a grandma who is into painting, I’m sure that your grandchildren will love to learn a new hobby or skill from you.  Buy them their very first fishing pole or knitting set.  Make it fun for them by really showing them how to do it and not just through a boring discussion.

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