Don’t Get Mugged This Christmas Season


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One unfortunate feature of the holidays is an increase in thefts and robberies.

A would-be mugger is usually looking for somebody who isn’t paying attention, so “situational awareness” is the main key to not becoming a victim.

Another factor that the typical mugger or purse-snatcher is looking for is somebody who is less capable of putting up a good defense. In other words, elderly, infirm, or handicapped people are prime targets.

Those two factors combined figure prominently in the vast majority of muggings and other physical thefts. The first is the most important!

Situational awareness means not having your nose stuck to your cellphone. It also means not trying to carry too many items at once.

When going Christmas shopping, don’t be on your cellphone at all! Before you get out of your car, look around to see if something or someone doesn’t look right. If you don’t feel comfortable getting out of the car, don’t. Just drive away.

When you leave the store with your goodies, have them in a cart, not in your arms — even if it’s a fairly small amount. Have both hands ready and unencumbered. As you exit the store, look around for things that might not be right. If there is anything that you see that makes you uncomfortable, go back in the store and request an escort to your car.

Better yet, take a large, young, mean-looking male relative or friend with you!

These simple things will reduce the chance of your getting robbed by over 90%.

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