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It’s almost that time of the year again where families gather together and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  It’s never too early to put up your Christmas tree, listen to Christmas music, decorate your homes and of course to start thinking about what gifts to give your family and friends.

Gift-giving is a major part of celebrating the holidays.  Admit it, it’s one of the things that you look forward to – receiving gift s and shopping for gifts are both give ultimate satisfaction and happiness.  But when you think about it, once Christmas is over, you’re left with all the boxes, gift wrappers and all those material things that you (and your kids most especially) might just eventually break, forget or lose interest in. To be honest, all these material gifts are just short-lived and will just add clutter to your home.  By giving non-material gifts, you not only avoid clutter but help the environment as well.

So here’s a list of clutter-free gift ideas that you might want to think about giving this Holiday 2015:

  • You can adopt a pet or a gift of nature such as adopting a tree, rainforest or a Coral Reef.
  • Purchase a class or even better, purchase two sets or more so you can do the class together. There are a lot of classes to choose from:  cooking, yoga, dancing, music… etc.
  • Purchase a membership to a gym or a museum.
  • Buy tickets to a local attraction, game, concert, movie or a theatre show.
  • Gift cards are the best. (ITunes, Google Play, Starbucks, Amazon, Sephora…etc.  The options are endless.)
  • Of course, giving the gift of a delicious meal through restaurant vouchers is a hit as well.
  • Homemade food or baked goodies are very thoughtful consumable gifts. Don’t forget the wine too.
  • A getaway is the perfect gift in my opinion. We all need a vacation, right?
  • A gift of relaxation is a great idea as well. Take them to a massage, a spa or a salon.  There are a lot of pampering services that you can choose from.
  • Plants are a beautiful and practical gift to give as well.
  • For the book-lover, don’t fret, you can get them E-book vouchers from Amazon, Google, iBookstore and Barnes & Noble.
  • Portrait Session. Who loves a good photo?  The holiday season is also a great way to upgrade that old family portrait.  So why not give a gift of a family portrait session?  You can hire a professional or if you’re good at it, then you can take those photos by yourself.  As an additional gift, a calendar made out of these photos is perfect as well.

These are just few of the non-material gifts that I can share with you but I believe that the most important gift that you can give is yourself and your time.

Enjoy the Holidays!

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