Fred Hahn Talks About Strength for Senior Citizens

Fred Hahn on Dr. Robert Su’s Podcast!

Breaking news!  On October 5th’s Carbohydrates Can Kill blog, Dr. Robert Su interviews my real-life friend Fred Hahn.  Fred is the author, with Drs. Mike and Mary Ann Eades, of  The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution: The Slow Motion Exercise That Will Change Your Body in 30 Minutes a Week.  This particular podcast,  entitled Fred Hahn on Strength Training for Seniors, can be heard here.  Fred is an expert in physical training.  He has a great deal of experience in helping people – including and especially seniors – reshape their bodies, reduce their blood glucose, and generally improve their health and fitness.  I met Fred on last year’s Fourth Annual Low Carb Cruise, where he demonstrated (and let me experience) his Slow Burn method to me and my husband.

Fred – the trainer we baby boomers need!

I was so impressed with Fred and his patient demeanor.  He’s not one of those standard-issue “musclehead” exercise trainers (Fred is no Arnold…and that’s a compliment!)  He uses real science to get real results, in a way you can respect, and more importantly, understand.

Having experienced the Slow Burn method, let me be the first to say: just because it’s slow, that doesn’t mean it’s easy.  In fact, believe me when I tell you:  it’s HARD. I remember clearly when Fred told me, in essence, that it was necessary to put forth the biggest effort in order to get results, and that’s true.  I guess it’s a good thing it doesn’t last long, because, when done correctly, it’s fast, but hard.

Enjoy listening to Fred!  He knows what he is talking about.  I can hardly wait to see him again on the Fifth Annual Low Carb Cruise (topic to be covered soon).

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2 Responses to Fred Hahn Talks About Strength for Senior Citizens

  1. Mary says:

    I love that you are discussing fitness issues for boomers. I was asking questions on a message board about this last night. I think one of my top goals has become making sure I stay healthy!

    • Anonymous says:

      Be sure to stay tuned, Mary, because I have a LOT to say about fitness and health. Did you see my blogpost about Dana Carpender’s Low Carb Cookbooks? I believe it was the first blogpost I wrote!

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