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Hepatitis C Testing – The Final Edition (I think)

Tweet After jumping back and forth about Hepatitis C testing in my previous blog posts here and here, and learning that I DO need to get tested, because I took RhoGAM injections (a blood product) in 1971 and 1974, before … Continue reading

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Eating Crow – Hepatitis C Test needed more often than I thought!

Tweet I love my friends!  Especially my internet friends, who are often chosen because I have identified something in them that makes me want to be like them. In the past, I have mentioned Rita Alexandrea as one of those … Continue reading

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Should you be tested for Hepatitis C?

Tweet Just two weeks ago, the Centers for Disease Control issued a recommendation that all Baby Boomers should be tested for the Hepatitis C virus. The center even suggested a special “National Hepatitis Testing Day” on May 19 to get … Continue reading

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