Travel Tips for Seniors

seniortraveltips(This is a guest post by Nancy Elizabeth).

Traveling isn’t just for young people! Seniors can also get out and see the world. The best part about this is that businesses nowadays are doing a better job of catering to elders’ needs.

While there are some places that are not practical for seniors, seniors can still enjoy traveling. Here are a few tips that should help:

  1. Backup Plan

Youth in their twenties can travel around Europe without having too much worry even if their hostel was full because they can sleep anywhere. When you were that young you could just decide to sleep on a train but not today. As a senior traveler, you should have a plan that takes care of unique health and security concerns. But what do you do in case your plan doesn’t work? This where a backup plan comes in handy. For instance, if the hotel you read about in the area you are visiting is full or the medical clinic you read about is no longer functioning instead of starting to plan again, you just use the backup plan.

  1. Research about the Accessibility of the Sites you’re visiting

Let’s say you are planning to cruise around a certain lake then upon arrival you just realized that you have to climb down a steep slope before getting to the dock, and once at the dock you have to jump from the dock into the boat. Most seniors have health issues that can’t allow them do such things. So it is important to first ask about sites accessibility. Normally, a cruise company that caters to seniors should already have that figured out – so if somebody is trying to sell you an excursion that is past your physical ability, you should seriously reconsider doing business with that company.

  1. Travel Security

Scam artists and pickpockets take senior travelers as easy targets. The best way to avoid possible problems is by traveling in groups or with a trusted escort. You can decide to travel in groups of four or five but not alone. Your group should include a few young able-bodied men if at all possible. If for any reason you decide to travel alone, then it is highly recommended for you to have some travel security items. One such item is a money belt that can be used to hide passport, credit cards and cash. Another important item you need to have are travel locks and RFID-protected wallets. But better not to travel alone.

  1. Carry Friendly Luggage

It is not a must to carry everything while traveling, carrying only a few important personal belongings might help you avoid lugging yourself while walking to the nearest bus station. While traveling it is better to have a luggage that is ultra-light, easy to carry and manage. The luggage should also offer multiple carrying options such as top handlers and shoulder strap.

The senior travel market is growing fast and many airlines and hotels around the coming up with ways to handle elders’ unique travel requirements. For example, you can request extra-firm mattresses, special pillows, or other items that may help keep you comfortable.

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