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Baby Boomers: Do You Have a Travel System?

Tweet Do you have a travel system? Every time my husband and I go on a cruise, we bring out the packing list just a few days before the trip and start packing, just like most people do. After packing … Continue reading

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Cruising – Just for Old Folks?

Tweet (Author’s note: I am currently cruising around in the Caribbean, and so my internet access is spotty enough – and expensive enough – that it’s a challenge just to get a blog post up. Pictures are out of the … Continue reading

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TSA Targets The Weak, Adding Insult to Injury

Tweet In the news lately we see more and more stories about the TSA overstepping its bounds.  It seems that this agency and its “officers” (which, by the way, are not commissioned law enforcement officers) target the weakest members of … Continue reading

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