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7 Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee

Tweet 59% of Americans can’t get through a day without a dose of caffeine.  But there’s so much more than coffee than just the obvious jolt of energy that it gives – this beverage can boost your health in a … Continue reading

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5 Nutritious Meal Delivery Services for Aging Adults

Tweet Meal delivery services aren’t just for luxury or for people with busy schedules.  This is also perfect for aging individuals who wish to remain living in their own homes independently. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, … Continue reading

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20 Mood-Boosting Foods When You’re Feeling Blue

Tweet It’s quite common for us to turn to food when coping with our emotions whether it’s for stress relief, comfort or as a reward.  According to the experts, there is a dramatic connection between our diet and emotions – … Continue reading

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Signs and Symptoms of Depression in Aging Adults

Tweet Occasional “blue” moods and feelings of sadness are normal. But when it lasts for longer than two weeks and accompanied with other symptoms that are already affecting every aspect of your life (sleep, appetite, relationships, etc.), that’s not considered … Continue reading

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Brain Stimulating Activities (That Don’t Involve Reading & Memory Games)

Tweet As you age, it’s natural for your cognitive function to decline since ageing brings changes to brain.  According to NCBI, the brain shrinks with age increasing age, affect all levels from molecules to morphology.  Obviously, aging is inevitable and … Continue reading

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