5 Ways to Look Younger without Surgery or Makeup

If you are beginning to notice the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots and sagging skin, then congratulations, you’ve officially aged. Kidding.  Although these signs are normal part of aging, it still makes some  self-conscious, insecure and somewhat depressed.  Well, you really shouldn’t.  Embrace the beauty, maturity and honesty that show in your faces.  You should be proud of how you look and just smile, lines and all. Continue reading

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5 Secrets to a Happy Retirement

Retirement can be a happy or an unhappy stage of your life.  It’s that time where some either dread or look forward to.  If you are one who is reluctant or anxious about your golden years, don’t be.  It’s just a matter of finding ways to make it the best years of your life.

Here are 5 secrets to a happy retirement. Continue reading

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Travel Hacks for Finding Cheap Flights

How fun it is to be able to travel around the world?  You get to see new places, experience a new way of living and eat authentic local cuisine.  However, not all are lucky to be able to experience this.  For some, it can just be a dream.  But hey, nowadays, traveling isn’t just for the financially privileged.  You just need a lot of research and hacks to be able to reach that dream destination of yours. Continue reading

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5 Advantages of Home Care Services

When you get to a point where you can no longer look after yourself, you will be needing care from others to assist you with your activities of daily living.  For those who don’t have family members who can look after them, the next and best resort is to get support from nursing homes or home care services.

According to various studies, home care brings more advantages compared to nursing homes and we will discuss them one by one. Continue reading

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3 Countries to Live Better for Half the Price

Nowadays, more and more retirees are open to the idea of spending their golden years abroad.  Not only because they want a change of scenery and experience a new culture, it’s so much more affordable too.  However, when choosing for a retirement destination, don’t just go for the country that offers a cheap cost of living, consider its healthcare and safety too.

I’ve rounded up 3 countries to live abroad where you can live better for half the price. Continue reading

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