6 Hacks for Planning a Last Minute Vacation

It’s already December which means that any plans of traveling for Christmas or New Year is already “last-minute,” considering that prices of ticket fares and accommodation skyrocket at this time of the year.

Thanks to modern technology, it’s still possible to pull off a fun and stress-free holiday vacation without hurting your budget.  Here’s how… Continue reading

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Packing Tips When Traveling with Only a Carry-On

During the holidays, prices for baggage can really go high that’s why more vacationers opt to travel with a carry-on alone.  It may sound impossible for some, especially for over packers, but trust me, with careful planning and innovation, you can do it.  If this is your first time, here are some tips and tricks for packing the perfect carry-on (and ONLY a carry-on). Continue reading

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Dangerous Toys for 2016

Toys are supposed to be fun and educational.  However, they can also provide risks and danger to a child’s welfare especially when left unsupervised.  Year after year, toy-related injuries and fatalities continue to increase due to choking, suffocation, punctures, strangulation and ingestion to name a few.  Whether you’ve already started your toy shopping or just starting with your list, make sure to check out Toysafety.org’s “10 Worst Toys for 2016” list to ensure that you won’t be giving your grand kids hazardous toys for Christmas. Continue reading

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How to Survive Thanksgiving (and Christmas) Without Busting your Diet

If you are on a “diet,” you probably face a major challenge on holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas, which are traditionally centered around an extravagant family meal, with the implicit feeling that if you try to curtail your eating, you will insult your host. That, in turn, leads to a “falling off the wagon” problem, where one day of splurge ends up with 10 pounds of extra body fat (or more), especially Continue reading

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Tips for Getting Over Empty Nest Syndrome

empty nest syndrome

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If your last child is all grown up and about to leave home, you’re probably  experiencing a mixed bag of emotions. The child who once used to rely on you for everything is now set to go out into the world and fend for themselves and use all the skills and life lessons you’ve taught them. However, if you are still feeling a bit down over the thought of your child moving away there a number of steps to follow so you can try overcome this. Continue reading

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