5 Flower Festivals You Should Visit this Spring

Green-thumbed or not, who wouldn’t love seeing a showcase of thousands of beautiful flowers in full bloom?  It’s one of the best things to look forward to during spring.

There are a number of spectacular flower festivals happening across the nation beginning next month, and I’ve rounded up a list for you.

These flower festivals make a perfect backdrop for your springtime photos and the best inspiration if you’re planning to spruce up your garden this year.

1. Dallas Blooms: Dallas, Texas (through April 9, 2017)

Dallas Blooms is Southwest’s largest flower festival and has been a Teas favorite for the last 30 years.  Walk through 66 acres of 500,000 blooming tulips, daffodils, Dutch Irish, hyacinths and more at The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden.  This year’s theme is 1960’s (“Peace, Love and Flower Power”), where you can take photos next to decorated VW station wagons.

2. Coronado Flower Show:  Coronado, California (April 18-19)

This annual 2-day event is actually the biggest tented flower show in America and is held at the Spreckels Park in the center of Coronado Village.  It’s an event for both visitors and exhibitors where the latter can showcase their products and experience a wide networking opportunity.  Aside from a beautiful garden display, there will also be a stage for floral competitions and non-stop entertainment.

3. National Cherry Blossom Festival:  Washington, D.C. (through April 16, 2017)

You don’t need to fly to Japan to witness the unique beauty of Cherry Blossoms.  Washington, D.C. is a home to 3,000 cherry trees that were a gift from Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo as a symbol of friendship.  Every year, the continued close relationship between US and Japan is celebrated through the National Cherry Blossom Festival where more than 1 million people visit each year.  This year, the event will include a Blossom Kite Festival (April 1) and a parade (April 8) of elaborate floats, marching bands, entertainers and performers.

4. Tulip Time:  Holland, Michigan (May 6-14, 2017)

The festival is called “Tulip Time” for a reason – it boasts almost 5 million tulips in full bloom!  The annual event is a celebration of the rich Dutch heritage and culture of the founders of Holland.  Aside from the millions of tulips blossoming into bursts of color, you’ll also enjoy a weekend of non-stop parades, dancing and entertainment.

5. Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival:  Orlando, Florida (through May 29, 2017)

Plan a trip with your grand kids and watch the Disney characters brought to life through flower sculptures and manicured trees.  Don’t worry, your grandchildren will not be the only ones who will enjoy, you’ll also get to learn more about gardening from onsite Disney horticulturists during the weekends.  This year, there will be more Garden Rocks concerts, a mini Food & Wine Festival called the “Outdoor Kitchen” and special programs and seminars by HGTV.

So what are you waiting for?  Plan your trip now and celebrate spring in one of these flower festivals!


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