Must-Have Smartphone Apps for Baby Boomers

As technology continues to develop, it gets harder to keep up with what’s on trend in the digital world, especially for non-millennials.  Smartphones have definitely earned a spot in every person’s life because it makes everyday living much easier, and that includes baby boomers.  With the help of smartphone apps, it’s now very easy and more convenient to stay connected with family members, do online banking, access emails, shop online, travel, find entertainment and even manage your health. Continue reading

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The Benefits of Stretching for Aging Adults

Maintaining your body’s flexibility is very important to help increase your range of motion and easily perform daily tasks.  But as you age, your muscles tend to become shorter and less elastic, which results to pain even with basic movements.  When your body doesn’t move, you get weaker and your overall health declines.  That’s why exercise such as stretching is very helpful if you want to maintain your mobility.  Flexibility or the lack thereof is a major concern for everyone because it doesn’t just affect your physical health but your emotional health as well. Continue reading

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7 Ways to Prevent Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke is a serious condition that can take your life.  It is important to know the warning signs and the proper First Aid treatment and strategies to administer in case this happens to you, your loved ones or even to random strangers.  You see, individuals aged 65 and older are those who are more prone to this condition.  Good thing that Heat stroke is predictable and preventable. Continue reading

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How to Manage Arthritis Naturally

According to the Arthritis Foundation, over 50 million adults are diagnosed with Arthritis.  In fact, the statistics of this condition is expected to rise up to 67 million by the year 2030.  The risk of Arthritis does increase with age that’s why almost half of adults age 65 and older suffer from this joint inflammation.  Arthritis is a serious condition that can disrupt a person’s everyday life.  Due to the pain, their ability to daily activities become limited and sometimes results to anxiety or depression. Continue reading

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Helpful Facebook Tips & Tricks that You should Know

Facebook is still the number one hottest social media platform in the Internet world today, with over 1.71 billion active users as of July 2016.  It has been a great tool for keeping in touch with our friends and relatives, building personal connections, networking and even for finding new opportunities.  It’s also a good platform where individuals can share their thoughts and experiences with others when used correctly. Continue reading

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